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Resident Evil Village has already made some giant waves. Whether people are talking about the game’s more action-oriented focus, how freaked out they were by House Beneviento, or how attractive they find a 9-foot-tall serial killer, there’s a lot to talk about. All of our guides and features on the game can be found right here.

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Our review — Self-explanatory. I know you don’t need me to define what a review is.

Quick tips to get you started (and killed less) — A handful of tips to set you on the right path. If you want to know what’s what before jumping into the Resident Evil Village, then this is a solid read for getting helpful info.
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How to open the crest gate and find the crests — Getting into Dimitrescu Castle requires a couple of crests. We lay out where to find them and how to get this weird door open.
How to escape the castle trap — Heisenberg has a trap set up to kill prisoners. It’s not very effective. Here’s how to get out of it alive.
How to solve the blood bath statue puzzle — You’ll come across this room on the second floor. There’s a specific solution to the puzzle, and we straight up give you the solution.
How to open the Prioress door — Some folks get a bit stuck on this one solely because they don’t know to take a close look at an item they pick up. We tell you exactly what to do.
How to get the Mask of Rage — One of the four masks required to open the way out of the castle. Who uses masks to lock a door anyway? If only there was some kind of small object made for unlocking that could be used on doors.
How to find the Mask of Joy and kill the daughter – Another mask. This one requires you to read sheet music. Well, unless you don’t know how to do that. Even then, you’ll be okay. Probably.
How to get the Mask of Pleasure — Yet another mask. How many of these things are there?! Oh, there are four. Why did I ask myself a question I already knew the answer to?
How to get the crimson skull — The first of the model minigames. We break down where to find the ball you need, as well as how to get the crimson skull for the opening at the bottom.
How to get the courtyard key — You’ll need to solve a tiny puzzle to get out of the main castle area and into the courtyard. I’ll give you a hint: wineing will get you everywhere. Get it? Wine? No?
Beneviento house walkthrough — We went ahead and did the entirety of House Beneviento in a single walkthrough since it’s so interconnected. Watch out for, well, you’ll see soon enough.
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Boss guides

How to beat Lady Dimitrescu
How to beat Moreau
How to beat Sturm

That’s all for our guides and features. Resident Evil Village, despite not having a long runtime, has a lot of content and even more to dig through, so there are still plenty of things to learn and find out. Have fun surviving the opening siege on Village of Shadows, by the way. Here’s a freebie: kill everything that moves.

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