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In order to progress in Resident Evil Village, you’ll need to find the Mask of Joy. But you’ll need something else first. The mask of joy is located behind the iron insignia door, which can be found upstairs after entering the door that requires the Dimitrescu key on the left. To get the iron insignia key, simply go all the way downstairs and approach the piano.

You’ll see some notes on sheet music. Simply match the notes to the ones on the sheet music by hitting the keys in the correct order. It doesn’t matter if you can’t read music, as the game shows you how each note is represented on the sheet music.  Once you hit all the notes, the key is yours.


This key is not only used in the castle, but in the village itself as well. Once you have the key, head upstairs and unlock the door. However, keep in mind that grabbing the key spawns Lady Dimitrescu, who will show up once you approach it. You’ll need to run back downstairs and back up the other way to get her out of the way.


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Acquire the Mask of Joy in Resident Evil Village

The iron insignia door is directly across from the door you used to enter this area. Once inside the room, you’ll notice one of Dimitrescu’s daughters. She’s a swarm of flies, so you’ll want to move right away. Immediately run to the opposite side of the room. You’ll find a lever to interact with on the back of one of the pillars. This lever opens the ceiling, which lets cold air into the room. Doing this makes the daughter vulnerable, so shoot her in the face until she crumbles to dust.

Resident Evil Village Mask of Joy

Once she’s dead, you’re free to enter the next room. There you’ll find the Mask of Joy, bringing you one step closer to your fight with Lady Dimitrescu. If you need help with getting the other masks in Resident Evil Village, we’ve got you covered too. Check back for our upcoming guides and features hub for more help.

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