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After escaping from the hooks Lady Dimitrescu placed you on, you might find yourself at a loss for what to do. There’s only one way forward in Resident Evil Village, and you’ll need to journey back to an area you’ve seen already to find the Prioress door. Figuring this out is far from hard, but you’ll need to examine another inventory item.

When you left the wing you were trapped in, you found an item called the maroon eye ring. Despite being a ring, you can’t sell it. Despite being an item, you can’t use it as-is. Just examine it directly in your inventory and a prompt will show up. Following it will let you remove the eye from the ring. But now what? Go into the main hall. It’s where the merchant’s room is located. Yes, the one with the typewriter. Go up the first, shorter set of stairs and then up the larger one.


Open the Resident Evil Village Prioress door

On the right side of the balcony, you’ll see a door with a face on it. A closer look will reveal that this face only has one eye. The eye we removed from the ring is the same color. Simply examine the door and use the eye when prompted. Once the eye’s in place, the door will open and you can proceed onward.

That’s all for this Resident Evil Village guide on opening the Prioress door, but the game has a lot more tricks and traps in store for you. Check out our other guides if you need help in making sense of Resident Evil Village. And watch out for giant vampire ladies with blade fingers. I hear they walk around and repeat a small handful of lines at you every time they see you. Sometimes they act like it’s your first time meeting, even though they’ve literally said that line while looking at you before. Work on your memory, ladies.

Resident Evil Village prioress door

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