RE Showcase trailer sheds more light on the Resident Evil Village story

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Today was the Resident Evil Showcase for April, where Capcom shared news and updates on all kinds of projects related to the franchise — and especially for Village. Everything from anime to crossovers and VR games were shown, but the most anticipated item at the showcase was definitely for the new Resident Evil Village trailer.

This marks the fourth trailer we have seen for the game so far. Each one has shown a little bit more of the larger plot that Ethan Winters finds himself in. The protagonist of the previous entry in the series doesn’t seem to have caught a break, and is caught up in another supernatural kerfuffle. The new trailer begins with the voice of the witch-like figure we have heard before. The camera then pans past two giant statues carved into the side of the mountain of the titular village. Then we see what appears to be an ancient pedestal with the infamous Umbrella symbol right in the center.


This would make it seem that Umbrella is far older than we had thought previously. We then see Ethan being dragged by the Bloodborne-looking guy we have seen in previous trailers. We now know that this man is Heisenberg, who was mentioned in the previous trailer by the internet’s new favorite crush, and the game’s main antagonist, Lady Dimitrescu. He also happens to be her brother, and probably a werewolf, too. We also see her drinking Ethan’s blood, and judging by her face, she’s not happy about something.

Everybody wants a piece of Ethan. Literally.

The trailer then moves to a radio call from the remaining villagers after an attack by monsters, most likely werewolves. Or “lycans,” as the characters call them. One of the villagers mentions that they are supposed to be protected by Mother Miranda, the enigmatic, godlike figure that Lady Dimitrescu answers to. She seems to be at the center of everything. Very quickly we see some more werewolves, a lake monster, a factory assembly line that seems to be moving human bodies around. And then, once more, Chris Redfield.

We knew from the beginning that Chris in involved heavily in the story of the game, but we haven’t actually seen him much. Ethan seems to think that Chris killed his wife, Mia, but that seems very out of character for Chris. I suspect there is more to the story. The trailer ends showing the release date of the game, May 7, and another enigmatic picture of Chris. All of the marketing seems to be leaning very heavily towards the idea that Chris is a werewolf somehow in the game. Perhaps this is why he “killed” Mia, purely by accident or by instinct. As per usual Resident Evil fashion, I suspect some twists and turns along the way.

Be sure to watch the new Resident Evil Village showcase trailer above. You can also check out the game right now on Steam, where there will be a demo next month on May 1.

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