Resident Evil Village statue puzzle

Don’t you hate it when the secret passageway in the blood bath you bathe in requires puzzles to open? Totally relatable, right? As Elizabeth Bathory is as relevant as ever, Resident Evil Village has a statue puzzle you’ll need to open up to go through a literal blood bath. Heh, gross. If you’re looking for a way to solve the puzzle, we’ve got you covered. In blood. Because of the bath. You get it.

To get to this puzzle, first, you need to enter the courtyard. Check the place out and you’ll come across a door that opens. Once inside, you’ll find a staircase. Head up, and you’ll end up in a hallway. Enter the door and you’ll find the blood bath and the statue puzzle. The game tells you what you need to do. Well, sort of. If it told you exactly what you needed to do, you wouldn’t be reading this, now would you? I’m a nice guy, so I’m going to go ahead and tell you exactly where to have the statues looking.


Solve the Resident Evil Village statue puzzle

I’ve included a picture below that shows how the statues should be facing. If you don’t feel like reading, anyway. There are two female statues on the right. Make them face each other. All the statues can be moved via a prompt on their back. Once that’s done,  make the man on the horse face the woman across from him. Finally, have the statue with the man kneeling and offering grapes face the horse.  Once you’ve done this, the blood will drain and the secret passageway into the blood basement will open.

Great. We all totally want to ruin our shoes with that. Those are going straight in the trash. That’s all for this Resident Evil Village guide on how to solve the blood bath statue puzzle. Make sure and check out our other guides if you want some help with anything else in Resident Evil Village. We won’t get you new shoes, though. You’ll have to make do with the bloody ones.


Resident Evil Village statue puzzle

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