Resident Evil Zero HD remaster coming 2016

Resident Evil Zero HD remaster coming 2016

After the success of the Resident Evil HD remaster, Capcom has turned its sights to Resident Evil Zero.

So, what do we know about Resident Evil Zero HD (or whatever it’ll be officially named)? Bugger all, honestly. There’s a short video on the Resident Evil YouTube channel introducing producer Tsukasa Takenaka and director Koji Oda – the latter of whom directed the original Resident Evil Zero. We know that it’s coming to PC, as well as myriad other platforms, in early 2016. And that’s about it.

Resident Evil Zero put STARS medic Rebecca Chambers in the spotlight as she investigates an Umbrella train that’s stopped in some deep dark woods. As you’d expect, Things Go Wrong and Rebecca has to team up with death row inmate Billy Coen to fight for survival and solve some highly implausible puzzles. Classic Resident Evil, basically, with a character switching mechanic.

You can check out the reveal video below, but remember to turn on subtitles unless you’re fluent in Japanese. Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster II Turbo: Championship Edition is due out in early 2016.

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