Resident Evil Zero Remaster Introduces Wesker Mode

The other day, Capcom released a trailer for their upcoming physical release of their Resident Evil Remaster and Resident Evil Zero Remaster. Although the collection they announced doesn’t seem to be coming to PC, the trailer did give us a little bit of information about the upcoming release for the Resident Evil Zero Remaster.

The digital release of the Resident Evil Zero Remaster is set to be available in early 2016. As the collection for consoles containing the remaster will be available in mid-January, I would expect the digital release either on or before that date. It does come across as a little bit odd that they are absolutely certain about the release of a physical product and still so unsure about the digital release though.

In other news, Capcom has also announced that they’re bringing a new mode to the Resident Evil Zero Remaster. This is what they call Wesker Mode. Replacing Billy Coen, you play as Albert Wesker and Rebecca Chambers in special themed costumes made for the game mode. Wesker of course brings some interesting powers to the table, which Capcom has teased in another trailer, shown below.

I think it’s reasonably clear that Capcom has a handle on what it takes to make a relevant remaster for 2015 and beyond. Resident Evil fans should be fairly content, especially with the Resident Evil Zero Remaster not too far off, and the Resident Evil 2 Remaster coming in the future. Be sure to check back here for any future Resident Evil news.

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