Resogun was one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 4 and some would argue that it was also the best. The arcade shooter showed off great graphics and addictive gameplay with mechanics you could fine tune.

Those of you who have played the game to death since its launch will be excited to read that Resogun is getting some extra content in the upcoming Heroes DLC. The DLC will add two new modes plus a patch. So far we’ve not learned what one mode or the patch will contain but we can confirm the other mode is Survival.


In survival mode, you get only one life and you must fight off the enemies (including bosses) for as long as you can. The mode will include new graphics and sound effects plus new enemies. The mode also features a day and night cycle which will boost your score but will flood the screen with more enemies. The little green men you rescue will also crop up more frequently but this time they are on parachutes and you must stop aliens from attacking them and ensure their safe landing to get points. The DLC will also add trophies.

We’ll give you more news on the DLC as it comes so be sure to check back.

Source: IGN

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