There’s nothing like May 4th to bring together Star Wars fans. And, nothing like such a day for developer Respawn Entertainment to announce that they will indeed be making a Star Wars game. The words “astonished” and “flabbergasted” have been uttered in response to such news.

We’ve all heard this story before. At 5 years old you see something beyond comprehension, an extraordinary fantasy that at first doesn’t seem real, but in time becomes inspirational law. The heroes, the villains, the visions, the sounds, the music, imprinted forever. Of course I am describing Star Wars™, the most influential franchise in modern history, and we at Respawn Entertainment are honored to have the chance to contribute to that legacy.–Respawn official site

The news comes from a blog post from one studio head, Stig Asmussen, who if you didn’t know, was a former lead in the God of War series. I couldn’t agree more with his words being that “This is the chance of a lifetime.”

The story is developing, and we know there will be plenty of more news to follow.

Greg Bargas
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