Hamlet, if it isn’t obvious, is a game based on Bill Shakespeare’s tragedy by the same name. It is a puzzle game that roughly follows the plot of the play with one major exception. There is no Hamlet. Instead, the main character is from the future and is only following through with the plot because he accidentally killed Hamlet.

The game is a typical puzzle game where you must tap on an object to make something happen, so you can tap on another object to make something else happen and so on. Don’t worry. If you get stuck, there is the option of getting a hint, though when I got stuck, the hint didn’t help me much.

The game is beautifully designed as you can see from the screen shots. One thing to note — I typically play mobile games with the sound off, but I found it to be a hindrance in this case. Sound effects were helpful in solving some of the puzzles.

I loved this game. It is different and quirky. It has an indy game vibe to it, though it was produced by one of the larger mobile gaming companies. The levels are beautifully done and the puzzles are appropriately difficulty. The only negatives to the game are that there really isn’t much replay value and it was much too short for my liking. I have my fingers crossed that Alawar Entertainment will produce similar games using other great works of literature. How about some Jules Verne?


Rating: 10/10


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