Ridge Racer Unbounded details extra pre-order rides


Namco Bandai has announced a series of ‘day one’ and retailer-specific bonuses to accompany Ridge Racer Unbounded when it releases for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on 30 March. Get in there early (like, first day early) and you’ll snaffle three bonus cars called the Ghoster (an electric blue low rider coupe), the Immortal (a red sports car, not actually immortal) and the Road Wolf (a 60s-inspired red coupe).
In addition you’ll unlock five extra paint styles for five of the standard cars in the game, each inspired by classic Namco Bandai titles. So, you can deck out your Kinghawk GT in Pac-Man colours, your Hurricana CX in Galaga style, your Crimson TT in a punchy Tekken hue, the Wolfseye GT with a hint of Soul Calibur or add a swoosh of Ace Combat to the Sylvian Type 8.
As if that wasn’t enough virtual tat you get you interested, there are also a few bonus cars to be picked up from ordering at specific retailers. The available cars are as follows: Ridge Racer 1 car, The Hearse, Ridge Racer Type 4 car, El Mariachi, Ridge Racer 7 car and ‘The Gallows’.
In the UK, you can get those at Game. Other regions should check local retailers. Or not, if you’re not interested.
For more on Ridge Racer Unbounded, have a read of our interview with Producer Joonas Laakso.

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