Rift expansion renamed to Prophecy of Ahnket and it’s free for a time

Rift expansion renamed to Prophecy of Ahnket and it’s free for a time

TRION has decided to rename their latest expansion for their MMO Rift. The expansion was previously called Starfall Prophecy and it’s now been renamed to Prophecy of Ahnket.

The name has been changed so there is no confusion with a children’s charity called the Starfall Education Foundation. TRION is also using this opportunity to give the expansion away for free. Anyone who logs in between 10 – 14 May will be given the latest expansion for nothing.

Players who have already picked up the expansion can obtain free goodies during this free expansion weekend giveaway with the Prophecy of Ahnket Cache. This includes

  • 2 Tenebrean Engines (this will help progress your Eternal Item quest)
  • 100 Phenomenal Sparkles  (Patron-only quest items that help you earn a piece of high level gear every month)
  • 10 Individual Reward Charges (used to claim great gear drops in our raids)
  • 1 White Deer Companion Pet (ok, so she doesn’t have any stats… we can all appreciate the beauty in life!)
  • 1 Random Puzzle Box Dimension Item (for your Telaran home)

Rift is a decent MMORPG and it made it onto our best free games list. It’s worth a look if you’ve not tried it.

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