RIFT Prime set to launch in March – Subscriptions return to the MMORPG

RIFT Prime set to launch in March – Subscriptions return to the MMORPG

Trion’s MMORPG RIFT is set to re-introduce a subscription model for those that want it with RIFT Prime next month.

It was back in 2013 that TRION decided to make RIFT free to play after two years of a subscription model. As with most MMORPGs at the time it struggled to pull players away from games such as World of Warcraft. RIFT was actually one of the best MMORPGs to appear after the release of WoW.

The game is about to go full circle with the launch of RIFT Prime which is a server that will allow players to play the game as it was originally designed offering a fresh start to subscribers. Players will be able to experience al the content and expansions that have been released over the past seven years.

All store-based items that were part of the free to play model can be obtained through gameplay with a small number of cosmetics and services such as Change scrolls or guild Rally Banners being purchasable with in-game currency or credits. RIFT Prime players will also be segregated from the free to play gamers on their own server.

It seems strange to see a game that’s gone free to play return to a subscription model but not all RIFT players have been happy with the game and its microtransactions. At least this way TRION is catering for both audiences.

RIFT Prime will launch on 7 March and they are offering a Primogenitor Pack which comes with extras. Prices range from $14.99 per month or $8.33 each month for twelve months.

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