Rift expansion Prophecy of Ahnket is now free for all players, and Trion have announced that a Celestial Storm is brewing for July. Update 4.2, Celestial Storm will hit the world of Rift on 19 July.

Celestial Storm is going to be free as well, and adds a new overland zone called Vostigar Peaks. At the summit of said peaks, it’ll be up to players to prevent the destruction of the Tenebrean Tower Ahnket. This all probably makes perfect sense if you’re a regular Rift player.

This update will also include four new Primalist Souls (free if you own Primalist Calling, apparently): Mystic, Farseer, Predator, and Primal Lord. It’ll also add new raid rifts, new creatures, and a new Instant Adventure. Here’s more detail on those Primalist Souls.

Farseer – A powerful area of effect healer who twists and bends the threads of fate to divert harm and adjust the very flow of time itself.

Primal Lord – A damage dealer who summons beasts of the wilds to augment their powerful swings with primal force. They deal with single targets incredibly well and tear through their foes with bestial efficiency.

Predator – A stealthy burst damage dealer who emerges from the shadows to unleash death and fire upon their foes, striking with the fury of an Apex Predator. Their victory is assured with the speed and ferocity of their strikes.

Mystic – A support soul who bends the elements of Life and Air to empower and embolden their allies. Bringing the force of a storm under control to aid their adventures makes the Mystic a powerful member of any group.

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