Riot Games – League Of Legends Will Be Great On Windows And Mac Only (For Now)

Riot Games social media person Erik Reynolds has gone on record that League of Legends is Windows and Mac only for now.

This is in response to recent news that Microsoft has penned a new deal with Tencent, who owns League of Legends. Part of the deal is a native port of the game to Windows 10.

Now, based on what Microsoft has explained about the Windows 10 / Xbox One architecture, this opens up the possibility that League of Legends can run on Xbox One, or even phones and tablets for that matter (given you connect a mouse and keyboard, of course). This dispels the possibility Riot will take advantage of that functionality.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t do it in the future, just that it’s not in the works for now. Riot may have to adjust controls to make this happen, but rival MOBA Smite is launching on Xbox One soon, so maybe they just need to see that perform well before they consider it.

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