Rise of Incarnates kickpunches its way to Early Access

Bandai Namco’s 2v2 free-to-play fighting game, Rise of Incarnates, has biffed and kapowed its way onto Steam Early Access.

I am happy about this, because Bandai Namco stopped talking about Rise of Incarnates in late 2014, at around the same time it was due to be on Steam Early Access. I feared it had been thrown onto the vapourware pile. It has not, and you can now play it for free by clicking your way to Steam.

Rise of Incarnates lets four players free-roam around a 3D arena, jumping, running, flying, shooting, and punchkicking their way to victory using mythical abilities. I still have yet to play it because I had no internet connection when the beta was on, but I’m going to give it a go sometime soon – and considering it’s free-to-play, you might as well do so too. Early Access is due to end in “early 2015”, according to the Early Access FAQ on Steam, but that might change depending on what feedback they get.

Head on over to Steam if you fancy giving Rise of Incarnates a try.

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