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Rise of the Triad patch 1.2 adds level editor, quicksaves, mods

Rise of the Triad (2)

Interceptor’s Rise of the Triad reboot was a generally enjoyable little blaster marred only by some massive frustrations, one of which was an irritating checkpoint system. The latest patch has added in quicksaves, which should alleviate that issue considerably. Hurrah! Although they do penalise your score. Hm.

That’s not all, though. There’s the addition of a level editor – sorry, I mean “Ludicrous Development Kit” – complete with all of the assets from the original 1995 Rise of the Triad game, and some very simple-looking drag-and-drop functionality. There’s the ability to create mods. You no longer have to log in to do most things, including playing multiplayer. There are lots of bug fixes.

Best patch note from this lot: “E2L3 – Enforcer is no longer too shy to emerge from his shipping container.”

Have a gander at a trailer for the Ludicrous Development Kit below.

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