Risen 3: Titan Lords trailer surprisingly quotes F Scott Fitzgerald

Risen 3: Titan Lords trailer surprisingly quotes F Scott Fitzgerald
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This isn’t F. Scott Fitzgerald.

In the words of Bob Dylan “you’ve been through all of F Scott Fitzgerald’s books”; who knew he was talking about Risen 3: Titan Lords? He probably wasn’t, but it’s still amusing to see this new trailer opening with that Fitzgerald quote about not forgetting where you come from.

That’s a lead in to the theme of the video, which is developers Piranha Bytes attempting to go back to their roots. You’d imagine that means Gothic-style, as those early RPGs were their most celebrated works.

The hero in this one has had his soul nabbed by the Titan Lords, so he’s a bit peeved about all that.

It’s stressed that there’s no random generation in Risen 3’s world, everything that’s in there has been placed by hand and serves some kind of structured purpose to serve the story. Open exploration is touted too, including some swimming jaunts to islands “with or without a map.” If you go off the path, you should find interesting items and quests. That’s what the video says, anyway.

Like those older Gothic games, it’s said that you’ll have to choose your battles carefully. If you’re unable to match some creatures in a certain area, it probably means you’re not meant to be there just yet. The line “you are just cruising for a bruising” makes an appearance in spectacular style.

Combat looks like a mixture of light attacks, heavy swings and blocking, and there’s a big old collection of skills to spend your ‘glory’ (experience points) on.

A triple faction system, quests and crafting are dipped into in the video as well. Rather than just describing all of that, you may as well watch it. The narrated trailer is below. Risen 3: Titan Lords is coming on 12/15 August in the US/Europe respectively.

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    • Conovar

      I Have made it my mission to collect and play each game in from Piranha Bytes, after being swallowed whole into Gothic 2. I do hope as they say its back to roots as what caught me was the life/character in these worlds that Bethesda can never seem to quite right. that and the accomplishment of being decimated only to return hours later and show that troll who’s boss!