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A month ago, Risk of Rain fans learned that Gearbox fully owns the IP and will take charge of development for future installments. Amid that news, Gearbox briefly mentioned that both it and developer Hopoo Games had some sort of passion project that would cater to Risk of Rain fans. This came as somewhat surprising since Hopoo’s community manager, Jonathan Cheetham, stated that the studio would not develop future games in the series. Well now, it appears we don’t have to speculate about what this passion project will entail anymore. It comes in the form of an enhanced remake of the first Risk of Rain, and it goes by the name Risk of Rain Returns.

Today’s announcement came with a slick new animated trailer for fans to gawk at. Additionally, Hopoo Games uploaded its 28th “Dev Thoughts” video, which goes over what fans can look forward to with this remake.

What is Risk of Rain Returns all about?

According to Cheetham, Risk of Rain Returns does much more than simply add a few bells and whistles to the original game. Alongside new HD pixel art and music, Risk of Rain Returns incorporates a massive amount of new features thanks to the game’s updated codebase. These features include new Survivors, additional abilities for the original Survivors, new enemies, items carried over from Risk of Rain 2, streamlined multiplayer, and much more.

Additionally, the remake adds numerous gameplay changes that make the experience feel overall smoother to play than the original. The developer will gradually implement new updates to the game after its release.

Currently, Hopoo Games and Gearbox plan on releasing Risk of Rain Returns on Steam sometime next year. All in all, being such a substantial remake of the beloved rogue-lite, Risk of Rain Returns should serve as the perfect opportunity for players unfamiliar with the original to see what they missed out on.

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