Road Redemption katana, road point of view

If you haven’t been following Dark Seas Games developer diaries then this gameplay video will get you hyped for their Road Redemption which is currently aiming for an August 2014 release accirding to their Kickstarter page.

The Road Redemption was successfully funded on 12 May 2013 and it will be  coming to Windows/Mac/Linux. Like its predecessor Road Rash, players will be able to upgrade bikes, complete missions, play co-operatively (including split-screen) and more. Yes you can even kick your friends into oncoming traffic for evil laughs, ah the memories.

Since October last year, they’ve been working towards completing a playable single-player campaign with up to four players co-op to get an Alpha released to backers. With significant time being spent on the researching the game physics, some fans are questioning just how much physics can be implemented, but all can agree it looks good so far.

I have fond memories of Road Rash and Road Redemption is one game to watch out for this year if racing games are your thing.  Let us know below what you think about Road Redemption so far in the comments below after checking out the new video.

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