Roblox celebrates Ready Player Two release with virtual treasure hunt

Roblox Ready Player Two

Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One told the story of people living in a world where an energy crisis had resulted in the world becoming a terrible place to live. However, a lover of video games created an entire virtual world called the Oasis, where people could escape their mundane and dreary circumstances. The book and film adaption follows a group of players as they attempt to solve the treasure hunt left behind by the creator of the Oasis. Now, another virtual world, Roblox, is holding a treasure hunt to celebrate the launch of Ernest Cline’s second book in the series, Ready Player Two.

The book just launched. However, the Roblox treasure hunt doesn’t kick off until December 1 at 1 PM ET. The event will begin with an exclusive Q&A inside Roblox between Cline and Builderman. Builderman is an alternate account of Roblox co-founder David Baszucki.

Calling all Gunters

Unlike the Ready Player One prize, which was only for one treasure hunter, Roblox will reward thousands of players with cool prizes for getting involved. The hunt will take place across seven game worlds. Players will be required to follow clues to complete seven quests and find seven relics.

Roblox Ready Player Two Event Details

If you’re able to crack all the clues, you could be one of the grand prize winners. This prize might be the META Star badge, which will be awarded to the first 77 players to complete the treasure hunt. But there might be more than that. I doubt it will be control of the entire world of Roblox though.

Players who simply enter the Roblox Ready Player Two Hub will be rewarded with the Ready Player Two Book badge, as well as a shirt for your avatar. Finding all seven relics will reward you with the META Shades badge.

If you (or your children) want to complete the Roblox Ready Player Two treasure hunt, don’t miss the Q&A on December 1. There will almost certainly be some clues to help you on your journey.

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