Not the Robots might be one of the year’s most bizarre games

Not the Robots might be one of the year’s most bizarre games

not the robots

I can’t say I ever expected to write this words, but: Not the Robots, HouseOGames’ procedurally generated stealth-based furniture eating simulator, is due out on Steam later today. Specifically, it’s due out at 4PM PST, which I believe is midnight UK time.

Not the Robots has you take control of a robot in an office building, with the task of… eating furniture. Without getting caught. You’re up against all sorts of patrols, spotlights, and traps, but you’ve got a number of nifty gadgets to help you out. Just bear in mind that you have to eat furniture, but… that furniture is also your cover. It’s randomly generated, offers different lengths of play session, and apparently has a fully-voiced storyline that will explain the bizarre setting. I just hope that explaining the setting doesn’t ruin it.

If this is the game you’ve been waiting for, then you may well need to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act because how the hell did you even guess that this was going to be a game? That aside, Not the Robots will normally cost you $9.99 but will launch with a 40% discount.

Trailer below.