Rocket League Adding New Maps Through “Rocket Labs” Test Mode

Come February, Psyonix will be adding a new map playlist to¬†Rocket League that will feature a variety of new and wildly different maps. While these maps won’t be available immediately in competitive modes, you can queue up the map list to try out some arenas that vary greatly from the current map pool. Think Snow Day or Wasteland. Player feedback will help determine which maps move on into competitive, which ones need work, and which ones are no good.

The map pool, called Rocket Labs, will begin with a set of three maps. One, Underpass, will provide considerable variation in terrain elevation, while Double Goal will have two goal nets for each team. The third map, Utopia Retro, will be a throwback to Rocket League’s predecessor Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars¬†and feature a more circular field of play.

Other updates including moving the map Wasteland into the competitive map pool and adding a report feature, so you can tell Psyonix about abusive players.

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