Rocket League blueprints loot boxes

Begone, crates and keys. Rocket League is set to play with an all-new system within a matter of weeks. Over on its official website, Psyonix has provided details on its forthcoming Blueprint update, which will arrive on December 4. The update will go live across all platforms at 10 a.m. PDT, with a few changes in play.

What’s changing in Rocket League?

The big one is the removal of crates and keys in favor of Blueprints. Players will be able to put together items featured in said Blueprints, with the help of in-game credits. They additionally have the option to trade Blueprints with friends or save them in their inventory for a later time. Players have the ability to reveal Blueprints at any time too, at no cost to them.

Unopened crates left in the inventory will automatically convert to Blueprints of the same series, according to the developer. As for leftover keys, they’ll see a transformation as well, into 100 Credits per key. Players have until December 3 at 9 a.m. PDT to purchase any remaining crates. In addition, any trades revolving around items from crates will no longer be possible at this time. (However, items dropped after each match are still tradeable.)

The update will also introduce the Item Shop, where players can pick up items on a daily basis. These include a number of Painted and Certified goods for use with their cars. A more in-depth look at the store shows how nicely everything is organized.

December 4 will also bring about the start of Competitive Season 13, as well as the debut of Rocket Pass 5.

A more in-depth look at the blueprint system should be available closer to the update. For now, get ready to say goodbye to those crates and keys.

Get ready, players. The Rocket League update is just a few days away!

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