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Fresh off the conclusion of the X Games collaboration, Rocket League will drop its next update on February 1. The patch notes say there are some new content and a few quality-of-life improvements coming with the update. The most notable things are the revamped Esports Shop and some welcome additional effects settings.

If you follow the Rocket League esports scene, you’ll be very pleased to know that the in-game Esports Shop allows you to choose exactly which team you would like to support at all times. It’s no longer a random selection of items. For fans of the Fennec, you’ll be even more pleased to know that there are now esports decals for the boxy car body. You can check out the reworked shop and the Rocket League Fennec esports team decals in the trailer at the end of the post for more on that.


Turn the lights down low

Effects settings might not sound like a big deal. However, with all the additional pulsating lighting and audio noise that arrived in Rocket League with Season 2, these settings are going to receive a very warm welcome from many players.

The big offender is the new Neon Fields Arena, which is essentially a soccer field combined with a nightclub. Plenty of players have complained that the effects and lighting making their matches unenjoyable. To prevent this, Psyonix has added a new settings option called Effect Intensity.

Rocket League Neon Fields

The Neon Fields Arena in Rocket League.

The setting applies specifically to Neon Fields and can be set to default or low. Default will leave the arena looking like a party in full swing. Low will disable all of the pulsing effects and flashing lights. It will also reduce or disable moving effects, lights, background visuals, and the brightness of the background lighting.

The esports and effects update drops in Rocket League on February 1 at 7 PM ET. Before then, you have a weekend of Rocket League X Games action to enjoy in-game and on YouTube or Twitch.

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