Rocket League Mclaren 570s

In the last month, the Rocket League garage has been jam-packed with cars from out in the real world. The iconic Formula 1 racecar was the most recent occupant, complete with 10 decals representing all the teams. Before that, players could purchase a NASCAR body and decals and the Lamborghini Huracán STO. Now, Rocket League is once again being graced by the presence of the McLaren 570S.

The previous McLaren 570S, which was the first supercar to ever be transformed into a supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle-car, came with a bold orange paint job. This time around, the sportscar is looking more sophisticated in silver. If you already own the McLaren from back in 2018, you can purchase the Upgrade Pack to just get the new silver decal and wheels.


The Upgrade Pack will cost you just 900 Credits. Whereas the full McLaren 570S Pack will set you back 2,000 Credits. That seems to be the standard price for these premium car items. The McLaren 570S Pack and Upgrade Pack will be available in the Item Shop until June 2.

Here’s what’s in the Rocket League McLaren 570S Pack

You’ll get the McLaren 570S car, which uses the Dominus hitbox. It’s the same car from 2018. Plus, you get the original set of wheels and the gorgeous engine audio too. The new stuff includes the sleek McLaren 570S Decal (Silver Painted) and the McLaren 570S Wheel (Silver Painted).

In addition to all the fancy car parts, the McLaren 570S Pack also contains the McLaren I, McLaren II, and McLaren III Player Banners. The Upgrade Pack only has the McLaren III Banner.

Just remember, the items you receive in the McLaren packs can only be equipped to the McLaren 570S. And the McLaren 570S cannot be equipped with all item types.

The update that reintroduced the McLaren to the world of soccar also fixed the incredibly annoying bug that would cause players to spawn with an invisible car and a locked camera position. So, no need to head back to the lobby after almost every game anymore.

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