Rocket League Sets The Nfl Stage With The Gridiron Mode This February (2)

Crossovers are nothing new in the industry, but when it comes to sports games, that is certainly something worth keeping an eye. That is the case for the latest mode that is heading to Psyonix’s Rocket League. As part of a partnership with the National Football League ahead of Super Bowl LV, American football is coming to the soccer game. This will take the form of The Gridiron mode in Rocket League. Starting on February 2, players will be able to enjoy a modified version of the game until February 8.

Do not jump in thinking that this is just going to be a regular game of Rocket League with a ball change. Instead, there are actual rule differences when it comes to The Gridiron in Rocket League. If you are looking to get a headstart, here are the rules you should look out for as February’s updates roll in.

The Gridiron mode in Rocket League will be a 4v4 game, with the standard ball replaced with an American football. By touching the ball, it will be attached to the roof of your vehicle. If any other player touches the ball, they will then become the ball carrier. Said player can hand it off to their teammates, or be stolen by the opposing team. Passing is done by dodging, while the carrier can single jump or double jump. The latter will drop the ball.

Each goal will be with 3 or 7 points. The former applies when passing the ball into the goal, or the ball is loose. As for the latter, the ball must be attached to your car when entering the goal. Watch out for line markings on the Arena walls, you might go out of bounds. Just like in standard modes, demos require Supersonic Speed.

Rocket League Sets The Nfl Stage With The Gridiron Mode This February (1)

A brand new experience

Gridion mode for Rocket League definitely changes up things tremendously. It is obvious that Psyonix put plenty of thought into this, rather than just a simple swap of a ball. For something as significant as Super Bowl LV, it is fitting then that the content is something worth looking at as well. Players can also partake in challenges to unlock the player title of Gridiron Guru in Rocket League, obtain new NFL wheels, as well as plenty of XP.

The Gridiron mode arrives in Rocket League on February 2.

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