Rocket League Knockout Bash Event

Many longtime Rocket League players might’ve been caught off guard when Psyonix made the game free-to-play back in 2020. What would happen to in-game purchases? How would that affect the player base? And, most importantly, what would that mean for future updates? As the seasons keep rolling on, it doesn’t look like the change in venue has changed much of anything. Psyonix continues to add new modes and updates, the latest being a battle royale-esque mode called Knockout Bash, which starts today.

The new Knockout Bash mode isn’t just a new arena and modifiers. The core mechanics of the mode are the block, grab, and attack moves. However, there are a few others Psyonix is bringing to the table. These include a triple jump and a multi-dodge. Meaning, you now have one more aerial jump when aiming for the skies. The dodge feature has increased as well, allowing players to dodge up to four times in the not-so-friendly skies.


To win in Knockout Bash, you’ll have to fight your way to the top against eight other players. This means not being KO’d more than three times. Staying outside the safe zone, hitting obstacles, or being knocked out of the zone will result in a KO. The game mode then turns things into a Super Smash Bros. type brawl if it heads to sudden death. Attacks and throws get ramped up to max power, and getting knocked out of the Safezone results in an instant knockout.

Springing the Goodies

Of course, like any other Rocket League timed event, the Knockout Bash mode comes with its own set of challenges and unlockables. New trails, toppers, and more are going to be accompanying the event. These items include a kaleidoscope of butterflies trail, Florescence flower wheels, and the Springtide car decal set. On a side note, a kaleidoscope is officially what you call a group of butterflies — you’re welcome.

Rocket League Knockout Bash Feat

Rocket League’s Knockout Bash event kicks off today and runs until May 10. The event and challenges are free, but you can purchase some of the in-game timed items for the event in the Rocket League item shop. The Mean Green Bundle includes a lime green Fennec, butterfly goal explosion, wheels, and a few other goodies. It’s also on sale for the next 12 days for 70% off and will run you 1,100 in Rocket League credits.

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