April 22nd, 2017

Rocksmith 2014 trailer shows off new Guitarcade minigames

Rocksmith 2014 trailer shows off new Guitarcade minigames

Rocksmith 2014

One of the finer points of Rocksmith was the Guitarcade,  a series of minigames that focused on teaching you individual techniques for your guitar or bass. Obviously, Rocksmith 2014 will have new Guitarcade minigames. Equally obviously (if you read the headline) this trailer focuses on them.

They look like they’re a bit more focused on being games this time, for starters. Scale Racer, for instance, has you on the run from the cops, driving between cars on a road by playing a scale. But you can play the next note early to get a lot of points, or wait until the absolute last moment to play it, causing the cop cars behind you to smash into the cars ahead as you swerve out of the way.

Others teased include Gone Wailin’, a pseudo-platform game/endless runner that has your little man go higher in the air the louder you play, and Return to Castle Chordead, a love letter to rail shooters that has you blasting zombies from a first-person perspective as you make your way through a castle, watching a cheesy story and fighting off bosses. There’s Score Attack, which turns Rocksmith 2014 into a classic rhythm game with locked difficulty, duets, head-to-head battles, etc. There are lots of new games.

Also mentioned in the video are new Guitarcade Challenges, and… oh, just give it a look below. Rocksmith 2014 is out in October, and it’s looking rather spiffy.

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