Rockstar Games and Lindsay Lohan are still in the middle of litigation regarding Lindsay’s claims her likeness was used for GTA 5, for a character called Lacey Jonas.

The thread of lawsuits have actually become a little complicated, so we’ll outline it for you below:

  • Lindsay Lohan files publicity rights lawsuit against Take Two Interactive
    • The lawsuit claims that Take Two appropriated her image and persona in their character, Lacey Jonas.


  • Take-Two files motion to dismiss the suit and sanction Lohan and attorneys, calling suit legally meritless.


  • Take Two brings up a similar suit Lohan filed and failed against Pitbull. Take-Two finally brings up the statute of limitations, explaining Jonas’ image originally came out and was used in July 2013.


  • Lohan files amended complaint with new arguments and evidence.
    • Lohan argues Take-Two has continued to use her likeness, in a way that does not qualify as fair use and still counts as infringement of her likeness.


  • Take Two files a new motion to dismiss.
    • Take-Two argues their use of Lacey Jonas since the suit does not fit legal definition of republication.


You can expect the suit to get even more intricate as it drags on. The lawsuit’s outcome should be interesting, not only for the gaming industry, but because the ruling will help define and limit publicity rights.

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