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‘Next gen’ always means PC, so Rockstar is finally returning to our platform, right? RIGHT? Maybe. Consider this highly tenuous PC news at present, given Rockstar’s patchy recording on our platform. However, in today’s Take Two financial call it was mentioned that Rockstar has a ‘next gen’ project scheduled to release this financial year (March 2014 to April 2015.)

Obviously, the easy money would be in a Grand Theft Auto V version for the newer consoles and (gasp, could it be?) PC. There are no guarantees that a PC version is even coming at this point, but given the architectural similarities between coding for PS4/Xbox One and PC it wouldn’t be a huge stretch. We’ve previously speculated (based on Rockstar’s history with PC versions of GTA) that a PC copy would show up around, well, now, but despite several clues that hasn’t come to pass.

If not GTA V, then perhaps a new Red Dead title? If that were the case, one would hope they’d do a PC version this time around.

Outlier options would be a brand new title, some salvaging of Agent (the mysterious Cold War themed spy game that’s been in apparent limbo since its announcement), or the long awaited sequel to Rockstar Table Tennis.

Incidentally, Take Two did rather nicely for themselves in their latest financial report, and have an Autumn line-up which includes some confirmed PC releases: Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, Civilization: Beyond Earth and Evolve. At least we’ll have those if Rockstar fails to deliver on PC again.

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