Batman: Arkham Knight doesn’t seem to work very well on the PC. From inconsistent frame-rates and pacing over all manner of hardware, to the utterly bizarre 30fps lock and motion blur that can’t be turned off through the graphics options, it’s sounding like a ropey old port.

Players are consistently citing the Batmobile sections as frame-drop central.

What do developers Rocksteady have to say about this? Not a whole lot as it happens, unless you like fairly limp PR statements.

On the WB Games forum, a ‘Community Manager’ has been pushed to the front of the stage to read a prepared statement. In it, they say Rocksteady are “aware that some users are reporting performance issues with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight” and promise that the studio takes this “very seriously.”

Interestingly, reference is made to working with “our external PC development partner,” calling into question how much Rocksteady actually had to do with the PC version. The game’s credits appear to point at least a partial finger at Iron Galaxy Studios (why the statement can’t simply name the “external PC development partner” is a mystery.)

batman: arkham knight iron galaxy

No PC review copies of Batman: Arkham Knight were sent out before release day. That doesn’t always equate to a terrible PC release (WB pulled the same trick with Shadow of Mordor and that was a great PC version,) but nor does it help with identifying the rubbish ones before they get out into the wild.

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