Rogue Company development Update Teases Spectator Mode & Quality Of Life Changes (3)

If you are into the team-based multiplayer shooter scene, you definitely do not want to sleep on Hi-Rez Studios’ Rogue Company. The folks that brought us the likes of Smite and Paladins continue to make waves in the shooter scene with their latest game, Rogue Company. And judging by its popularity so far, it’s likely here to stay for the foreseeable future. With great support bringing more content and more fans into the mix, things are only looking up for the game. In a new Rogue Company development update, Senior Game Designer James “Krett” Horgan gives us a sneak peek at the latest changes in the pipeline. It is all about quality of life improvements.

After internal discussions, the team has come to several conclusions regarding quality of life features. First up, players will soon be able to customize their crosshair colors. You can choose from six colors, whether it is for personal flair or if it helps with your vision.


For those new to the game, you can get up to speed with the Strikeout mode with some practice. The new Rogue Company development update will add in Strikeout Practice, where you can have the complete experience with AI opponents. This can be done solo or as a team.

Getting familiar

The cast of Rogues in Rogue Company is a big part of the experience, and Hi-Rez knows that. As players continue to invest in their favorite characters, they will increase their mastery of said Rogue. This system was introduced a while back, and it is getting better now. You will soon be able to see all of the rewards for mastering a certain Rogue on a new screen. This will let you see just what awaits down the line.

Rogue Company development Update Teases Spectator Mode & Quality Of Life Changes (1)

The Rogue Company development update will also add the important Spectator Mode. In custom matches, two spectators will be able to join in. This can open up opportunities for live-streaming and commentary. The competitive community will surely love this new addition.

That is not all that is coming with the Rogue Company development update though. There are a bunch of other tweaks and bug fixes that will be covered fully when the patch notes release. If you are a fan of Rogue Company, the good times will continue to roll. If you are not, perhaps it is time to check this game out.

Rogue Company development Update Teases Spectator Mode & Quality Of Life Changes (2)

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