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The iconic traits mechanic from the original game makes its return in Rogue Legacy 2. Traits are secondary qualities of an heir that have various impacts on gameplay. Some are purely cosmetic, while others make playing borderline impossible. In the past, negative traits solely existed for fun and were a way for players to challenge themselves. That isn’t the case anymore, though. Traits are immensely important in Rogue Legacy 2, and we put together a quick guide on some of the best ones you can use to farm gold in the game.

In the sequel, bad traits provide a gold bonus as a trade-off for picking them. This is useful for gold farming, which is a crucial step at every stage of the game. The easiest way to get stronger is to purchase castle upgrades, equipment, and runes. All of those require gold, so it’s important that you know what traits are worth picking when given the chance.


Associative Agnosia

Associative Agnosia is a purely cosmetic trait that is ideal when you want to farm gold in Rogue Legacy 2. It provides a 25% boost to all gold earned during a run. When enabled, all it does is make enemies only show their silhouettes. In most scenarios, this won’t hinder you in the slightest. It’s easy enough to tell which enemy is which from their outline alone.


These two traits are both cosmetic tweaks that don’t overly impact your ability to complete runs. Colorblind drains the color from both the level and your user interface, turning everything black and white. Similarly, Nostalgic overhauls the game’s visuals by applying a sepia filter over the whole game making it look like an old film. Both of these provide a 25% gold boost.

Rogue Legacy 2 Nostalgia Trait best Gold Farm

Compulsive Gambling Addict

Compulsive Gambling is one of the more interesting traits in Rogue Legacy 2. When enabled, it provides a 25% gold boost. However, all gold drops from chests are now randomized. When a chest is opened, it will roll between 2% and 400% of its base value. Randomness may not sound good for gold farming, but, on average, this trait will earn you more gold than it will lose you. Also, it doesn’t randomize gold drops earned outside of chests, but those drops do still offer a 25% boost.

Exploding Casket Syndrome

Scary name aside, this trait really isn’t all that bad. Exploding Casket Syndrome makes it so that when enemies are defeated, they drop an explosive potion that deals area of effect damage. If you play carelessly and rush through, this can be problematic. But all it takes is a little patience and this trait becomes a great choice to farm gold in Rogue Legacy 2. It provides a huge 50% gold boost, and isn’t that difficult to play around.

Rogue Legacy 2 Compulsive Gambling Addict best Trait Gold Farm


This is undoubtedly the best trait for gold farming in the game. FMF Fan gives a 25% gold boost to all drops. The trade-off? Nothing. This is just a fun nod to Full Metal Furies, Cellar Door Games’ other series that was very successful in Korea. Since this trait gives a gold boost with no downsides, it’s a must-pick whenever given the chance.


Vegan is actually a bad trait for long runs. When enabled, it makes all health drops damage you rather than heal you. Given how important health drops are in long runs, this isn’t ideal. Even so, a 50% gold boost is a good trade-off despite its cons. A run using Vegan may not end up being overly lengthy, but its huge gold boost means that you have the opportunity to farm gold quickly.

Note: For more information, check out our Rogue Legacy 2 guides and features hub.

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