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The Ronin is one of the two final classes unlocked in Rogue Legacy 2. In real life, Ronin’s were samurai that didn’t serve a master. They were lone wolves that wandered the land freely, choosing life over seppuku. Rogue Legacy‘s interpretation of the Ronin is that of a badass glass cannon that is lethal in the right hands. It has the lowest base health of any class in the game, making it difficult to stay alive. To make it easier for you to survive, this guide provides useful tips and an overview of the Ronin’s Weapon, Ability, and Passive in Rogue Legacy 2.

Unlocking the Bard requires your castle to be at level 48. This and the Bard are the final classes that players can unlock in Rogue Legacy 2. They are also the first classes that can be unlocked after level 42. Assuming you have unlocked the Valkyrie, three more Castle Upgrades are required to access the Ronin. These are Arsenal, Sauna, and Jousting Studies. Any extra Castle Upgrades required to reach level 42 should be spent on upgrades that improve Strength, as the Ronin class is all about dealing as much damage with your blade as possible.



The Katana is the classic weapon of choice for any samurai, and Rogue Legacy 2‘s Ronin is no exception. Katanas are Japanese blades that are extremely popular in modern fiction thanks to their slick, curved design. Although they are often represented as fast-swinging swords, the reality is that they were far slower and relied heavily on their incredible sharpness. Rogue Legacy 2 takes a more realistic approach to the Katana with it being one of the slowest swinging weapons in the game. To avoid its long recovery time being a hindrance, the Katana has a rather desirable characteristic. It does a lot of damage.

This is among one of the most powerful single-hit weapons in Rogue Legacy 2. Even better is that landing critical hits with the Katana is easy. All you have to do is hit enemies with the edge of your blade. No dashes or complex combos are required. Just keep the enemy at a suitable distance, and swing away. The Katana can swing horizontally as well as diagonally up and down. This is great for taking out enemies that would be out of the reach of other melee weapons.

Rogue Legacy 2 Ronic Katana Weapon

Immortal Kotetsu

Immortal Kotetsu is the Ronin’s talent in Rogue Legacy 2. When used, your heir will teleport in the aimed direction, leaving a trail in their path. Any enemies in that trail will be hit for the equivalent of 225% of your Intelligence stat. This talent can hit multiple enemies at once, and the Ronin is given invulnerability for the duration of the teleport.

Although the damage is nice, it isn’t the main purpose of this talent. Instead, this should be used to quickly reposition whenever you are not in an ideal spot. Since it is only on a five-second cooldown, you can freely use it whenever required. This talent is especially useful during boss fights, as you can maneuver to avoid their hard-hitting incoming attacks.

Rogue Legacy 2 Ronic Immortal Kotetsu

Lone Traveler

In Rogue Legacy 2, the Ronin gets access to the Lone Traveler passive. All this does is grant any Ronin heir a 20% boost to their Strength stat. It’s simple but still among the best passive abilities in the whole game. Any experienced Rogue Legacy player knows that the easiest way to overcome something is usually by dealing more damage. This passive ensures that no other class deals more weapon damage than the Ronin.

A nice bonus of Lone Traveler is that it scales with the Lifesteal Rune. The Lifesteal Rune is a must-have for any serious run, as it is one of the very few ways to reliably earn back health in Rogue Legacy 2. Being able to use the Katana’s great range and damage to heal back up to full health is a powerful combination that gives the Ronin surprisingly decent chances at surviving despite its low health.

Rogue Legacy 2 Ronic Lone Traveler Passive Ability

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