June 20th, 2017

Rolling on: World of Tanks 8.7 patch goes live

world of tanks - british crusader

Psst. Hey, mate. D’you like tanks? Eh? Just got a new shipment in. How d’ya feel about British self-propelled guns, like the Sexton and the Crusader? Got some of them in. Even one of those Conqueror Gun Carriages. No, no; no Soviet T-50-2s anymore, mate – swapped them out for the MT-25. S’faster, innit? MoreĀ agile. MoreĀ horsepower. Interested?

What, the cost? Nah, mate, nah. First taste’s always free.

Yup: World of Tanks‘ 8.7 patch has gone live in Europe, bringing with it a host of new tanks, some visual revamps to the Highway and Harbour maps, and a brand-new winter map with the attractive name Belogorsk-19, for the attractive price of zero pounds. At least, that’s what the press release claims. The official site tells me that the maps Highway and Port have been revamped, and the new map is called Severogorsk. Confusion!

You can have a look at the full patch details here or sign up for the game – for free – here. Bear in mind that if you’re not a European player, you’ve got a bit longer to wait – the patch will be out for American players on 25 July (tomorrow) and for Korean players on 1 August.

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