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Total War: Rome II
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Rome II Total Maps: Creative Assembly launches interactive campaign planner

Rome II interactive map

Iceni what you did there.

If you want a reasonably detailed look at the campaign map from the forthcoming Total War: Rome II, Creative Assembly’s newly launched interactive planner should be just the thing to cater to cartographers everywhere. Effectively, it gives you an overview of every faction’s starting position, the name of each province, mercenary recruits available in the area and and notable local resource production.

You can also learn details like who controls the area and what the provincial capital is called. Pay close attention, there may be a test administered before you’re allowed to install the game.

If you like, you can also plot out your path of conquest across the land. This pretty much just translates to clicking on stuff and seeing it turn the colour of your faction of choice, but it’s a nice thought at least.

Total War: Rome II will be released in early September. If you missed the full Roman playthrough of the “Battle of the Nile” from yesterday, you can find that here.