Following the predictable announcement that the Romans were a faction in Rome: Total War 2, a second faction has been revealed today by Creative Assembly.

    The Carthaginian Faction are masters of the sea and a great trading nations hailing from the north of Africa. According to CA, the Carthagian’s enjoy a high level of population happiness as a democratic society and there will be three political powers to play, with each providing either┬ámilitary, economic and cultural benefits to players.

    Carthage is an expansionist trading state with a small indigenous population. As such, the bulk of its armies consist of mercenary units. The core of its land forces, however, are elite Carthaginian citizens known as the Sacred Band and mighty war elephants from the forests of North Africa. Accomplished seamen, their ships are fast and manoeuvrable, with good ramming and missile capabilities.

    Further details can be found in the wiki and there’s also a solitary screenshot to enjoy.



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