In a candid and rather fascinating interview with Gamesauce, John Romero talks at length about the infamous “… about to make you his bitch” advert for Daikatana and the difficult conditions under which the title was developed.”You know, I never wanted to make you my bitch, not you, not them, not any of the other players and, most importantly, not any of my fans,” a contrite Romero says. “I should have stopped [that ad].””I didn’t, and I’m sorry for that.”Romero goes on to reflect on the fateful marketing meeting that led to the advert being run. “[Our head of marketing] tells me that they spent a lot of time working on it, and … all these other things. I should have said fucking no. I’ve looked back on that three minute meeting a hundred times.”On the subject of Daikatana itself, Romero divulges that “It’s a miracle it was released at all.””There were issues on the inside and the outside. Half the team left. … that’s not the best way to make a game.”Sadly, Romero did not comment on his ability to leave without his buddy Superfly.

Paul Younger
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