Eastern Europe sure seems to like King Arthur. The Hungarian-based developer NeoCore has released a pair of RPG-strategy hybrids starring the mythological British king, and now Games Distillery (located in Bratislava, Slovakia) will be releasing a real-time strategy title featuring the monarch in the “first half” of 2013.

Citadels will let you play the RTS from both King Arthur and Morgana Le Fay’s perspective (so, probably two campaigns then) and promises “a spellbinding story”.

Fortress construction seems as though it’ll be a key part of the game (which makes sense, for a title calledCitadels), allowing you to withstand sieges and keep the resources flowing in to your war machine. Multiplayer will be present too, with competitive and co-operative modes on offer.

There’s no video footage yet, nor any screenshots (save for the logo above) so I’m afraid you’ll just have to imagine what this one looks like for now. The game’s Facebook page has a bit of concept art, at least.

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