Until now, there hadn’t been any word of the traditional (well, traditional since the second game in the series) Devil May Cry ‘Bloody Palace’ mode in DmC. There were nervous whispers that the popular post-game mode might be released as paid-for DLC.

Happily, that’s not the case. Bloody Palace mode in DmC Devil May Cry will be DLC of a sort, but it will also be free. Capcom has announced that the add-on will be released “shortly after” the main game comes out this month, though stopped short of saying exactly when that release might be.

In this version of the game, the Bloody Palace will consist of 100 floors with five bosses (presumably one per 20 floors). Expect leaderboards, too.

The PC version of DmC, complete with 60fps and fancy anti-aliasing will be released on 25 January.

DmC Bloody Palace

DmC Bloody Palace

DmC Bloody Palace

Peter Parrish

Bloody Palace Will Be Patched Into Devil May Cry Near Release

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