RSI respond to Derek Smart’s Star Citizen demands

RSI respond to Derek Smart’s Star Citizen demands

The Star Citizen funding drama continued today with RSI now responding to demands laid out by Derek Smart.

Here’s a quick reminder of what’s been happening. A letter was sent to RSI which demanded forensic accounting of the Star Citizen project along with a completion date and refunds for backers unhappy with the progress of development.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the response from CIG would be along the lines of “yeh whatever!” Part of the response to the demand letter which was penned by RSI’s Founder, Vice Chairmain and General Counsel Ortwin Freyermuth, has been shared by Smart. It reads as follows:

“Your client’s defamatory claims are entirely without merit and include unfounded allegations that the funds raised for the project were used improperly, even fraudulently. In this vain, your client is now asking for a “forensic accounting” to be made available to him. Firstly, there is obviously no legal basis for your client’s request and your letter cites no such authority. Secondly, the ample information provided regularly on our extensive website, including monthly progress reports from each studio, published headcounts and the like, would enable any person familiar with the cost of game development to assess the proper spending of the funds raised. Your client claims to be such an experienced person, so we are a bit perplexed about this demand coming in particular from him.

“In sum, your client’s allegations and demands are completely without basis and hereby rejected in their entirety.”

So that’s that. For now at least. This initial demand letter and response will likely kick things up a gear as Derek Smart explains in a comment update on the above statement.

“And we’re happy that their statement appears in the letter because they’re basically saying that everything is on the up and up, and that they have **NEVER** used public **crowd-funded** money for **ANYTHING**other than the Star Citizen project.

“If you knew what we knew, or the sourced data we have access to, you would probably be as thrilled by this statement in the letter.”

I have a feeling this could get messy if and when legal action is started by one of the parties involved. RSI has been pushing harder with their game updates but there’s still not a lot to shout about at the moment following the very limited social module release. RSI really need to pull their finger out and start producing meaningful content updates in the next month or so. The more they drag their heels the harder this is going to get.

To keep an eye on what’s been going with all this you can check our updated Star Citizen development/news timeline.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Paul MacEwan

      At least they have loads of money for lawyers :p

    • Ossi Hurme

      Even if they spent some of it in Vegas to boost working morale, it would still have been used in benefit of Star Citizen.

      • Red Avatar

        Yeah … that’s a very dubious statement. Heck, he could have bought a Ferrari and said “this will get me to work faster so I can spend more time working on Star Citizen” and he still wouldn’t have lied.

        But honestly, I think both Derek Smart and RSI are dickheads. Smart is probably annoyed with RSI over-promising and not delivering much (yet) while he himself got vilified in the press for … also over-promising and not delivering. RSI … well they still have to prove themselves. I still think they bit off way more than they can chew and they’re doing it on the backs of thousands of gamers.

    • Yosharian

      Completely off on a tangent here but does anyone remember the name of that procedurally-generated space sim game that one dude is working on? I forgot the name of it. I remember him putting out videos showing off the planets and space dust and stuff.

      • Withnail

        Sounds like that could either be “Limit Theory” or “No Man’s Sky”. Although if my memory serves me right if it’s only the one guy working on it then that is definitely “Limit Theory” and the guy is called Josh Parnell. He went missing for a few months due to personal reasons but is apparently back on track.

        Must be stressful to be the sole developer so best of luck to him on completing everything.

        • Yosharian

          Limit Theory! That’s it. Thanks bro.

    • Neoblade

      Just a question.
      Is Derek Smart a friend of PC Invasion?
      I see just click bait Derek Smart articles.
      This is really an informative and neutral article.

      • Withnail

        Derek Smart is ‘VaporWare’.

        Actually he accuses others of producing this (especially Chris Roberts) but he is the one who promises much then delivers next to nothing. I expect the same results with his latest Law Suit, though I’ll bet small Kickstarter Campaign that it doesn’t stop his incessant verbal diarrhea when he gets thrown out of court.

    • Dre’ Reavis

      What makes you think RSI is “dragging it’s heals”? Based on other big named projects you don’t have a basis for that comment.

    • Yosharian

      FPS module was a massive mistake IMO. I think it will end up being really crap and a real anchor to the project.

      • Dre’ Reavis

        How do you have a solo campaign that involves boarding ships and taking them over, in first person, and not test the first person. If people just wanted to fly around there is Elite Dangerous for that.

    • johnmcc

      Derek Smart is the SCO of the game development world.