rtx 30 series graphics cards for sale available

While scalper prices have finally scaled down from the all-time highs during spring 2021, graphics card remain sold out in stores as usual. If you’re looking for RTX 30 Series graphics card for sale, Best Buy is your current best bet — and we have the locations. The US retailer is about to hold a large, nationwide in-store sale for these graphics cards on Tuesday, July 20. You’ll want to be there early, by the way.

The retailer announced that it will release stock for various makes and models of RTX 30 Series graphics cards, but provided limited details about the specific products on sale. We can assume there will be a mix of various models from different brands that will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Presumably, there will be lines at most, if not all of these stores. However, some of the locations are far from major cities.


It’s definitely worth taking a look at this list to see if your local Best Buy is on it. As someone based in Atlanta, Georgia, I can say that the Best Buy locations in my state are a little out there. Many may think twice about making the drive just for the chance to get a graphics card. If you live near one of these lesser-trafficked stores, it’s definitely worth a try.

Best Buy Rtx 30 Series Graphics Cards For Sale Availability


Grab a ticket

You’ll need to get a ticket from a Best Buy employee upon reaching the store for a guaranteed RTX 30 Series graphics cards purchase. The system will work similarly to how the RTX 3090 launch went down. Your best bet is to arrive early and navigate the lines once there. Once the stores open at 8 AM local time, you’ll find out if you’re getting the graphics card chicken dinner.

While the RTX 30 Series remains difficult to find for sale, you can at least get one of the best gaming CPUs of your choice now, whether that be the popular Ryzen 5000 Series or a deeply discounted 10th generation Intel processor.

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