Evga 3080 graphics cards in stock

Those who have been waiting forever for RTX 30 Series graphics cards to come in stock have another shot at ordering one today. Right now, you can choose from several EVGA products at retailer Antonline to get one of the AIB models at a price that isn’t massively marked up from MSRP. It’s admittedly not that simple, however, as you’ll need to be okay with paying for some bundled products to get what you want. We reviewed the bundles though, and some of you may actually want them.

There are plenty of mix and match options. But the gist of this offer is that you can get an EVGA RTX 30 Series graphics card plus a mouse, keyboard, Ryzen 5000 Series CPU, PSU , EVGA XR1 capture card, and/or a copy of Days Gone for PC.


How many of those things you will need to tack on will depend on the bundle, but these aren’t no-name products at the least. If you like the EVGA brand, you can pick up the latest premium mouse and keyboard combo along with a modular PSU. The capture cards are useful for content creators, and the Ryzen 5000 Series is already well known for its excellent gaming and workload performance. If you fancy survival games, the newly released PC port for Days Gone should give you some entertainment.

Some of these bundles are big

So, that’s the catch. These bundles include the 3060, 3060 Ti, 3070, 3080, 3090, and 3080 Ti at the time of writing. If you think you can make these bundles work for you, you can finally get your hands on a RTX 30 Series graphics card. If not, you might see if anyone you know may want any of the accessories minus the graphics card. At the end of the day, you’re paying a similar rate compared to the eBay prices for just the graphics cards alone. If you get one of these bundles, you’ll at least get a bunch of extra stuff from name brands for the same cost.

Keep checking back for new in-stock bundles, as graphics cards continually refresh from this retailer, and the bundles tend to change. We expect the bundles will eventually include fewer items once general availability improves and other retailers start to have graphics cards in stock.

Antonline Graphics Cards In Stock Bundles Rtx 30 Series

Just one example of the available bundles.

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