Rumble Entertainment’s Kings Road ARPG launches in Europe today

By 9 years ago

You  may not have heard of Kings Road so I’ll fill you in briefly. This is a new ARPG from Rumble Entertainment which includes team members from the likes of BioWare, Blizzard and Turbine, to name a few.

Today the game launched in Europe through ProSiebenSat.1 Games and this multiplatform title is worth a look if you want to try a new free to play game that works in your browser. Players take on the role of either a Knight, Archer or Wizard and set out on an adventure across the kingdom of Alderstone to thwart evil.

I’m never that impressed with browser games but what Rumble has achieved with Kings Road is quite impressive. The game includes co-op multiplayer and features all the staples of an ARPG with a loot system, crafting and skills. In fact if you have played an ARPG before this is pretty much pick up and play.

“From the detailed graphics to the depth of the design, we’ve created a game for browsers that can compete against the big-budget boxed games, without players having to pay to gain access to the experience,” said Greg Richardson, founder and CEO of Rumble Entertainment. “Imagine your favourite PC or Console game experience delivered instantly to you and all of your friends for free. That‘s the vision we’ve realized with KingsRoad.”

So how does it work? As you progress through the quest stages across the game map gold and gems are collected by killing the enemy and completing quests. These two currencies enable players to unlock chests and upgrade game features such as extra loot slots. Some of these extras are locked away for a price and you’re encouraged to purchase more gems for real cash, or simply play to earn the currency. Skills points can also be purchased to boost a character quickly with 5 skill points costing around $10. If you’re not pushed for time then just play and you’ll collect enough currency soon enough, levelling is quite fast when starting in easy mode.

I will say that when you fire it up I think you’ll be impressed with the gameplay. The multiplayer also works brilliantly and it’s easy to party up with the click of a button to find other players.

We’ll be taking a further look at the game in the weeks ahead.