As some folks are pointing out online, Peter Molyneux and his team at 22cans appear to have quietly ended development on god game Godus.

    The studio promised to come back January 5 after taking a holiday sabbatical on Twitter.

    Looking at the Godus reddit and Twitter hashtag search results, it’s clear that the game has many unresolved bugs and issues. As SavyGamer’s Lewie Procter has also pointed out, 22cans have left a major Kickstarter promise unmet: the Student Reward tier.

    This is the description of the tier on Kickstarter, with 359 backers pledging at least £10 to get it:

    STUDENT – You’ll receive a beta key to test GODUS with us and will also get access to our exclusive student forums where you’ll get feedback on your game design and any career advice you might need. This is perfect for any students who are currently studying game design and/or development. Everyone will also get access to an online masterclass session and we will look at some of our tools together The university with the highest number of students who pledged will also receive a guest lecture by Peter. This tier is only for students and you’ll need to confirm your university after our campaign is finished but it can also be used as an add-on for any other reward tier.

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2013

    That forum has still not been made, and Peter did not coordinate with students for such a talk yet. Note that it has been over a year since the promised delivery date.

    Of couse, 22cans and Molyneux have remained incommunicado, so we have not received confirmation or denial of such, or why they have stopped development, but there is one possible reason they have dropped work on the game: they are already working on a new game based on social media interactions, The Trial.

    We will keep you up to date if 22cans and Molydeux resurfaces and responds on this rumor.

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