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I was just as surprised as anyone to hear rumors of Overwatch 2 being in development. This was, of course, prior to BlizzCon 2019, where Blizzard officially revealed the game on-stage during its opening. We still had plenty of questions, though. “What will happen to our old loot?” “What will happen to the original Overwatch?” And most importantly, “When will it release?” A now-deleted tweet from PlayStation points to a potential 2020 launch.

The all-seeing eye

There are tons of ways to capture just about anything that gets posted online. That also accounts for things that get posted and then deleted, such as a tweet from one of the official PlayStation social media channels.

The tweet, which was captured via VG247/Voxel, shows Overwatch 2 and a “2020” launch noted in the body. The tweet is surprising mostly due to the fact that all we’ve had for release dates comes from Jeff Kaplan, VP of Blizzard, stating, “Overwatch 2 still has a ways to go.”


Social media-ing is hard, ya ‘know

I can see how a snafu like this might happen. For the unaware, when social media accounts are active, most of the time there aren’t teams of people writing out content daily. I’m sure that, given both its own games and other properties like Overwatch 2, PlayStation has lots of plates spinning.

At my previous job, we would calendar out most content a month in advance, leaving only small gaps in content depending on the client. PlayStation might also have a similar layout, with dates and launch windows changing on the daily – if not hourly.

Long story short, yeah, they should have probably been more attentive to dates and/or changes. But, mistakes do happen. Unfortunately, this is a rather big one considering the official launch date has not been revealed for Overwatch 2. That is (puts on tinfoil cap) if it wasn’t done on purpose to create a buzz.

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