Rumor: Square-Enix New Site “A Realm Reborn” May be Tied to FFXIV Reboot

Square-Enix had originally filed a trademark for ‘A Realm Reborn‘.On top of that they have now also registered a domain for their slogan. It appears this could well be tied to Final Fantasy XIV, the second MMO game in the Final Fantasy franchise, as a poem was released shortly after the trademark was filed. Here is the poem, it doesn’t take long to realize it ties the slogan to Final Fantasy XIV.

“In the darkness the Crystal dreams

From the flames of Destruction 
A new Beginning rises

Come, brave heroes 
Heed the Crystal’s call

Gather once more 
And witness a realm reborn.”


Square Enix purchased both and on April 20th, although neither site is currently in use.

The game is slated undergo a re-launch, due to the colossal update that has been Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0, The entire game is set to be changed in a very big way before the relaunch, and a new trailer is expected to be shown at this years E3.

The heavily delayed Playstation 3 version is also due to release later this year.


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