Rumors of Dead Space Getting Canned Are “Patently False” Says EA


The internet has been abuzz with another rumor today, the focus of which is the alleged cancellation of the Dead Space franchise following the lackluster sales of the latest entry in the franchise, Dead Space 3.

The story started when when they were told by a source that Dead Space 4 was actually in production at Visceral Games, but the poor sales for Dead Space 3 had recently led to the project getting axed.

It seems that may not be the case however, as Gamasutra recently tweeted the following:

So fans of the Dead Space franchise have nothing to worry about it seems. The game may not have sold as well as expected but it doesn’t appear that EA are ready to give up on it yet, so it’s pretty likely that the franchise will still get to see the light of day on the next generation consoles afterall.

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