Rumours circulate about a Valve free-to-play title

Translation is a tricky thing, and it can cause all sorts of mishaps in the realms of news. As a result, we should probably be cautious about a French interview that appears to show Valve confirming a free-to-play title.
Speaking to Barre de Vie, Valve’s Doug Lombardi seems to have answered “Yes” to the question of whether the company had its own free-to-play projects on the go. This was probably asked in relation to the recent launch of five free-to-play titles on Valve’s Steam service.
The translate-o-tron version of the interview can be read via the source link below.
If, indeed, Valve are working on something that’ll be free-to-play, all eyes are currently on DOTA 2.
Source: Barre de Vie (through Google Translate)
Image taken from DOTA 2.